Best Types Of Exercise

Regular workouts have become a crucial part in any person’s life for physical and emotional wellness. Physically it may leave you feeling stronger, leaner and more energized and emotionally make you happier and relaxed. This articles discusses four types of workouts with examples. In order to make your workouts more interesting and also to get maximum benefit from them, you can mix it up.Aerobic exerciseThese type of workouts increase your heart and breath rate which in turns increases your blood circulation to all organs of the body. As a result, it is known to build endurance, lower blood pressure, and burn excess adipose tissues, reduce inflammation and increase HDL or ‘good’ cholesterol thereby reducing risk of heart disease or coronary vascular accidents like stroke. Examples of them include, brisk walking, jogging, swimming or biking. You may be used to running on the treadmill for 30 minutes daily but once in a way try jogging outside to get a fresh breath of air as you work out. Strength trainingLong periods of regular inactivity and increasing age can make our muscle mass to drastically reduce over time. Regular strength training will help to prevent this and maintain metabolism. Increased muscle mass can also provide strength, improve posture and balance, help weight control and reduce stress and pain in the spine and joints. Examples of strength training include, lifting heavy weights repetitively, working out with resistance bands or resistance machines at the gym.StretchingAs muscles age, they shorten and their functioning becomes improper which increases the risk of muscle cramps, strains, joint aches, and falls. Stretching increases flexibility of muscles and thus not only prevents risk of injury but also helps to carry out daily activities with ease. Yoga and Pilates are type of exercise routines that will increase flexibility. It is never a bad idea to invest on yoga equipment Sydney which would allow you to do them even at home if you lack time to attend a class.BalanceAs we get older, we are more likely to fall and sustain injuries. Having good balance can prevent these falls. The core is most often referred to as the balance center or the powerhouse of the body. So core strengthening exercises will improve balance. All you may need to perform workouts such as Tai Chi, heel to toe walk, one leg stand which improves balance maybe some exercise mats for extra support. No matter what workout routine you decide to follow, it is always a good idea to first check with your doctor whether you are capable of doing so to prevent any adverse outcomes. View more information by visiting